About Us

Never Bin Cleaner was set up to take the pain away from our clients when it comes to cleaning your dirty or neglected wheelie bins.

With our dedicated team and our specialist equipment we will clean your dirty bins so you do not have to.

We realise that this is a job that no one wants to tackle so we will happily take care of this. With other 20 years experience in the cleaning industry there is nothing our team have not encountered!

We offer one off or an ongoing bin cleaning service. We clean your area on collection day straight after the council have emptied them.

Ongoing monthly bin cleaning service – We work on a 3 week rotational cycle just like the bin men. We need the bins to be empty to clean them. We’ll come around every week after collection and clean whichever bin has been emptied, sticker them, fragrance them then put them back for you. This service is available across Greater Manchester.

You will come home to a nice clean Wheelie Bin!

Feel free to give us a call or email as below

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